Who am i for?

i'm for the dreamers, the lovers, the rebels, the wild ones, the brides that are willing to twirl in their dress, get their hair messy,  that will kick their heels off for a bit and run with their loved one. i'm for the couples that want natural, candid images with movement.if you want your photos to be romantic, evocative, fun, happy and full of life, I need you to share your love story with me, in its most true and raw form. 


i will not replicate images you found on pinterest, i will capture the day as it unfolds. your love story is unique. no one else in the world shares the same bond you share, so why would it be documented like someone elses?


my style is generally described as dark, moody, romantic, evocative and emotional. i love drama and contrast. my favourite weddings are the small, intimate ones; especially elopements. there is nothing more beautiful than pledging your love amongst the west coast setting with a select few loved ones surrounding you.


so, please tell me what you love about the other, what is important to you as a couple. if family is a priority, we will incorporate a lot of moments with your closest family members. if you have a beloved pet, who will be a part of your ceremony, please let me know! 


Please take a few minutes to check over my portfolio, and don't hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns or just to say hi.  If you feel like we are a good fit, fill out the contact form! i look forward to hearing from you, and possibly grabbing a coffee, tea or beer and discussing your wedding day! 


Laura xo


Wedding Coverage starting at $1600

Elopements starting at $800 



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