Meet Laura

Photo of Laura Olson by Jennifer Picard

Hi! My name is Laura and I live on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. And these two are the ones my heart beats fasted for. Meet my man, Dean and our beautiful 1.5 year old daughter, Olivia.

Throughout my life, I have spent many Saturday mornings dusting off old photo albums and flipping through the pages. I discovered a connection to photography in those younger years; the beauty of capturing a single moment for all of eternity. I admired photo after photo of my family's history, a history that I would have never been a part of otherwise. I relived lives, stories, and milestones; each image unfolded a new chapter of my family's story. That is where my love and passion of capturing life was born.

I want to create photographs that do more than provide proof of your existence, I want to capture your character, your passion and your eternal love. I want to create those photographs for you, the ones that tell stories for years to come, the ones where you look back and remember all the little details of that moment in your life.

Laura xo

Photo by Jennifer Picard

Photo by Jennifer Picard

Photos by The McLachlans

Photos by The McLachlans

Photo by Jennifer Picard

Photo by Jennifer Picard



I am a mama before anything else & my family is my #1 priority

I have taken guitar lessons three times in my life but I never stick to it.

I have a mild obsession with 70's rock. 

I am tall -- 5’11” to be exact. 

My happy place is snuggling on the couch or walking in the forest/hanging by the beach.

I have two cats, named Mowglie and Simba, and I consider them to be my first babies.

My most valued treasures are the photos that I have of my family, especially my father. 

If we're talking cocktails, i'll take a caesar. Beer, i'll take a honey lager. Wine, i'll take a glass of Kim Crawford. If we're talking coffee, a strong one! (I basically live off of beverages)

I have a bad habit of staying up late -- it's 2:40am right now (don't tell my mom)

Think we might jive well? Hit me up! Let's chat, grab a coffee or a beer and tell me alllllll about yourself!


L xo